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Top 4 organic food stores in India

In today’s world where almost, everything and everything is either contaminated or corrupted, purity is something which is rare. In case of food items, their unsafe and cheap packaging as well as the addition of preservatives, contamination through insecticides and pesticides while growing them up has resulted in an adverse effect on the human beings. Consumption of such contaminated food items lead to multiple serious health problems, therefore realising the great threat from these food items the public of the modern scenario has shifted towards more natural and pure option- organic food which is not only safe but also has many health benefits. However, goodness of organic food is unquestionable but while shopping organic food chose your food brand with great care. We have donea bit of research and found out the best organic food brands for you. Have a look!

1. Organic India

A Lucknow based set up, Organic India has an extremely good reputation for selling high brand organic foods. At Organic India you can find herbal as well as Ayurvedic products which are quite beneficial and healthy to use. The food sold here is totally chemicals, preservatives and fertilisers free as the people at Organic India directly collaborate with rural farmers and promote and pick up only those food crops that are grown up without the interference of chemicals. Their food quality is very high and apart from providing a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet, this food also reduces the risk of many serious health disorders. The food here is sold both nationally as well as internationally.

2. 24 mantra

The food available at this store has a home like quality. There is vast variety of food categories and departments from which the customer can chose the food item according to their own needs, interest and perspectives. The food sold here is also made with proper care and is brought directly from the agricultural land. The main motto is the customer’s health and security, therefore only the food free from pesticides, insecticides and chemicals is picked up.

3. Nature Land

The main concern at Nature Land is to deliver the highest quality products to their loyal and precious customers. Serving since the year 1999, the food quality of Nature Land is high reputed and is certified internationally as well as by Government of India. There is vast range of organic grocery, pulses, edible oil, jams, juices, pickles, etc. available at this store. The people at Nature Land believe in healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy life. Therefore, you can undoubtedly trust the Nature land food chain for your family’s health and security.

4. Conscious Food

Conscious Food is a big organic food brand name known for selling only locally sourced, sustainable, organic and pure vegetarian food. Moreover, Conscious Food offers a vast variety of food categories such as cereals, honey, edible oil, organic dry fruits and packaged snack and meals which is not only natural, organic and pure but also adds a physical and mental fitness in your day to day lifestyle. The organic food at this Mumbai based store has a huge variety available so that customers can shop according to their own food choices and preferences. Also, it can be bought both from retail stores as well as online. 

Now that we all know that organic food is healthy and natural food we should quit playing with our lives and instead should surf these stores to buy either organic food online or from retail shops. Eat healthy food and lead a fit life!

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