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Top 5 healthiest cooking oils for a healthy family

Food and health are two things which go hand in hand. This is one thing we all know very well but the thing that we all may not know is that the oil in which the food is cooked can also determine the health factor of the food. There are many oils available in the market and every brand promotes themselves as healthy, but some are and some are not. In such a situation identifying a genuinely healthy oil becomes a really difficult task. But you don’t need to worry, as we have sorted out the healthiest oils and their best qualities for you. So, have a look here before buying a cooking oil for yourself!

1. Olive oil

One of the best cooking oils available in the market is olive oil which can be attributed due to its versatile flavour and renowned health benefits. Olive oil is of two types- extra virgin olive oil and pure olive oil. The basic difference between the two is that EVOO has a comparatively low smoking point which means it can’t be used for excessive frying or roasting. On the other hand, from health, taste and flavour point of view EVOO is better due to the presence of monosaturated fats which make it highly healthy for the heart and absence of chemicals which usually steal away the flavour. In short, EVOO is better for sautéing and drizzling, while Pure olive oil is recommended for frying.

2. Canola oil

Being low in saturated fats, canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils. It has a neutral taste and a high smoking point which makes it fit for roasting, baking and frying. Though in comparison to olive oil, canola oil is low in antioxidants but alpha-linolenic acid (which is a type of omega 3 fatty acid) is present in canola oil which reduces inflammation related to bowel diseases, cardiovascular disorders and arthritis.

3. Vegetable oil

It is quite similar to canola oil in terms of having a high smoking point and a neutral flavour. Therefore, like canola oil, vegetable oil is good for roasting, frying and baking. But since it is chemically processed, it cannot be termed as one of the healthiest oils but still it is better than many other oils.

4. Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is considered great for deep frying as it has a relatively high smoking point. Extracted from the seeds of sunflower, sunflower oil is highly rich in Vitamin E which explains its great usage in cosmetic products. Moreover, it also has presence of polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids. However, people suffering from diabetes must be careful while using sunflower oil as it is highly probable for increasing sugar levels in the blood.

5. Avocado oil

The presence of monosaturated fats which are extremely healthy for the heart is what makes avocadoes special and rare. Therefore, the oil pressed out of avocadoes is full of rich and healthy nutrients like potassium, vitamin E, healthy fat and powerful antioxidants. The plus point with avocado oil is that they are both nutritious and can be used for sautéing as well as frying owing to its high smoking point. Moreover, it is also known to improve the taste and flavour of dishes like pork, chicken, beef and fish. The only thing to worry about in case of this oil is it’s a bit high price.

Now that you know so many healthy cooking oils, go ahead and buy one for your family too!

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