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What is the best platform to sell online?

The real struggle of being a manufacturer is promoting the product- to first reach out to a large audience and then have to convince them to buy your product. Though the journey requires a lot of genuine efforts but once these efforts are done the person reaps wonderful fruits. If you are also one of the struggler manufacturers in search for a good platform to sell your product online, then don’t worry you have arrived at the right place. We may not be able to promote your product with you but we can surely help you in showing the right way. Among the many online selling platforms available, we have filtered out the best for you. So, have a look!

1. eBay marketplace

With their attractive techniques and strategies eBay has attracted more that 160 million regular shoppers. On eBay a person can not only buy or sell a product but also give their used items as well. eBay provides shelter to all businesses whether small or big. With a vast range of payment and shipping options, it becomes hard for the customers to resist shopping from here. So, if you want your product to receive recognition among a group of large audience, then don’t think and link your product with eBay. Moreover, once you start selling your product here, good customer reviews can easily boost up your sale a lot.

2. Amazon marketplace

In the present market scenario, Amazon isnot only the most visited and trafficked online store but is also quite cheaper in comparison to many others. The best part of this online selling platform is that it houses almost all kind of things ranging from clothes, cosmetics, kitchen requirements to appliances, décor, pet care and what not. This is the main reason why it still holds the priority slot in the hearts of many of the customers as well as the sellers. So, if you have a product irrespective of which category it belongs and you need to sell it, then Amazon is the place for you to go to. Joining hands with Amazon has many advantages like getting international exposure, being subjected to a low marketing cost and lastly but not the least your sale rate will drastically increase. To improve your success rate even more, you must take care of the content that your product page shows as it is the root that will form the impression of your product on the customer.

3. Walmart

If you are a third – party seller and want to list your product on an online selling platform then Walmart marketplace should be your destination. This online selling platform provides a wide range of audience and hence will be immensely beneficial for the growth of your product. Originally keeping prices, a bit low is the key to more sales and profit. Walmart being the largest retailers boast of more than 110 customer base every month. One thing that you should keep in mind is that your product details and description must be accurate, as your honest view of the product will in turn grab you more loyal customers.

We hope that, this year the product on which you spent such large amounts of your energy and time may get immense success and popularity. Share your experience of online selling in the comments section below!

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